Wanatee Park

Wanatee Park offers a wide range of mountain biking experiences. The trails are comprised of both hand-built and pro-built singletrack and have elements of tight and twisty singletrack and berm filled flow trails.  

Irene, LAMBA’s original installation of singletrack at Wanatee Park with updated routing and addition of flow elements (berms, rollers, jumps, etc.). This particular trail is rated blue (more difficult) often tight and twisty, requiring lower speed balance and good bike handling skills. The flow elements are also relatively tight and do not ride themselves, requiring skill to successfully navigate.

The Red Cedar singletrack crosses a 15 MPH park road twice and connects to blue rated (more difficult) singletrack (Irene) via a connector trail, also more difficult (Mercy Flush / Troll Holler); leaving Wanatee Park with a grand total of 5 miles of singletrack.

Mercy Flush, another professionally built singletrack at Wanatee Park,  is a blue rated (more difficult) singletrack trail packed with flow elements (berms, rollers, lifts, etc.). Use CAUTION – sight lines are good but the trail is TWO WAY -super fun, flowy, and FAST!

Troll Holler, a continuation of the professionally-built singletrack at Wanatee Park, is a blue rated (more difficult) singletrack with flow elements (berms, rollers, lifts, etc.) and two boardwalks that ride just as good, if not better, than the trail. This trail does cross the Wanatee Park Multi-use Trail and connects to Irene, be wary of horses and other trail users!