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Support LAMBA Today!

There are many ways to support LAMBA in our community. Becoming a member provides annual dues that help keep the lights on. Members often give of their time as volunteers. But we know not everyone wants to be a joiner, and not everyone has the time to give out on the trails. Hey, that's ok! You can give in other ways to support our cause.

Make a DONATION! Whether you are a local business or individual donor, your support in any amount is invaluable in helping us provide the public with high quality natural surface singletrack experiences. Professional construction of these visions and other off road bicycle facilities, like bike parks, may be funded through donations (minimum $25).

LAMBA New Trail Building Fund

Thanks to the generous matching grant provided by the Hall-Perrine Foundation, during 2021 $65,000 will be matched towards the new Sac & Fox singletrack. We anticipate the total project cost of $190,000. Thanks to our generous donors, we've hit that goal and are now building funds for new trails!

PLATINUM Sponsors ($25,000+)

  • $65,000   Hall-Perrine Foundation
  • $25,000  Linn County Trails Association

GOLD Sponsors ($10,000+)

  • Mike & Lisa McGrath
  • Venture Real Estate, LLC - Curt Eilers

SILVER Sponsors ($1,000+)

  • Clayton Stephens
  • Jenny Lorenz
  • Rob McKillip
  • Mike Symmonds, Symmonds Electric
  • Hall Bicycle
  • Jason & Kara Bowman
  • Bike Rags

BRONZE Sponsors ($500+)

  • Numerous

Community Sponsors (< $500)

  • Elaine & Robert Lanz
  • Bill Henricksen
  • Pat Finn
  • Mike & Amanda Armstrong
  • Adam & Michelle Bumpus
  • Jacqueline Reger
  • Scott Greener
  • Mollie Lorenz