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Support LAMBA Today!

There are many ways to support LAMBA in our community. Becoming a member provides annual dues that help keep the lights on. Members often give of their time as volunteers. But we know not everyone wants to be a joiner, and not everyone has the time to give out on the trails. Hey, that's ok! You can give in other ways to support our cause.


Whether you are a local business or individual donor, your support in any amount is invaluable in helping us provide the public with high quality natural surface singletrack experiences.

$500 not only supports the singletrack cause, but gets your logo / name / web link onto our web page, in our trail kiosks, and of course held in high regard by the mountain biking public!

LAMBA Trail Building Fund

Thanks to generous support from the Linn County Trails Association (LCTA), City of Marion, and donors like you! We were able to bring IMBA Trail Solutions to Linn County to study existing facilities and conduct field research in order to provide a concept design / singeltrack trails vision for multiple parks in our area.

Professional construction of these visions and other off road bicycle facilities, like bike parks, may be funded through donations (minimum $25).