LAMBA is an all volunteer organization, from the board of directors to trail stewards, all of our volunteers are passionate about mountain biking in Linn County. These volunteers give their time to ensure the best mountain biking experience. We maintain approximately 22 miles of singletrack in Linn County.

Executive Board

Rob McKillip - President
Leah Fuller - Secretary
Jenny Lorenz - Treasurer
Max Long
Mollie Lorenz
Logan Anton
Chad Mittelstadt
George Gasaway
Justin Somerville
Wes Porter
Trail Stewards:
Noel Kehrt - Wanatee 
Wes Porter - Beverly
Mike Cimprich - Creek Confluence
Rob McKillip - Sac & Fox

LAMBA: We have a Mission, Values, and a Vision

Our mission, vision, and values drive our work and allow us to continue to improve and grow Mountain Biking in Linn County.

LAMBA is a nonprofit dedicated to building a community of mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners to enjoy immersive, singletrack trails in Linn County. Our Board of Directors works with local managers to create these trails on city or county property in our area. These trails are used by everyone interested in a healthy experience in nature. We are an organization that is made up entirely of volunteers who design, build and maintain trails in this area. Our mission also includes raising money to develop new singletrack, maintain existing trails, host events, and educate trail users.

Community --
Cultivating a diverse family of mountain bikers while building relationships across the region.

Conservation --
Helping people experience nature through responsible trail development and land management.

Progress --
Spreading the love of mountain biking by building partnerships and developing great trails.

Fun --
Nurturing what draws people to mountain biking in the first place.

To be a premier mountain bike destination with a robust cycling infrastructure that enhances the livability of our community.

Linn Area Mountain Bike Association affirms it does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, genetic information, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, disability, or veteran status in any of its activities or operations.