Welcome! Let's get to know one another...

LAMBA is organized and administered by a strong base of dedicated cyclists from the greater Cedar Rapids community. These individuals dedicate their time and unique resources to keep the lights on and the cause alive. If you meet one of these uniquely driven individuals, give them a big HIGH FIVE!

Executive Board (Voting)

Geoff Eastburn – President
Wes Porter – President Elect
Chris Buckman – Secretary
Brent Mohasci – Treasurer
Curt Eilers
Eric Fisher
Jamie DeKruif
Jerry Hutton
Kevin Caster
Logan Orcutt
Nicole Roth
Noel Kehrt

Executive Committee (Non-voting)

Barry McQuiston
Adam Bumpus
Bryan Crist
Chuck Wood
John Bixler
Ken Barker
Kyle Moscrip
Lillian Pope
Max Long
Michelle Barker
Mike Forcier
Ted Noring

LAMBA: We have a Mission, Values, and a Vision

Strategic planning for the future starts with defining our Mission, our Vision, and the Values we deem necessary for our success. LAMBA embarked on a strategic planning process to develop our vision, goals, and path for the future of our organization. Together we have made great progress over recent years on the growth of off-road riding and the expansion of our trail systems in Linn County. 

To build a community of cyclists who create mountain biking adventures.

Community --

Cultivating a diverse family of mountain bikers while building relationships across the region.

Conservation --

Helping people experience nature through responsible trail development and land management.

Progress --

Spreading the love of mountain biking by building partnerships and developing great trails.

Fun --

Nurturing what draws people to mountain biking in the first place.

To be a premier mountain bike destination with a robust cycling infrastructure that enhances the livability of our community.